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Monthly Archives: August, 2010

Pyramid Bathroom Sink

A pyramid shaped bathroom sink with some special features. The design is entirely triangular with a push-pull water tap. If you want to tap water, you simply pull it down, if you want to use the mirror, push it up. There are 2 handles left and right, the left one is for regulating the temperature, […]

Not-So-Queued CD Table

Inspired by my Queued CD Wall I decided to take the idea a little further and make a salon table with the same idea, but slightly different. The basic idea is the same, but then horizontally modeled into a salon table. What’s added is an idea that could be embedded into the Queued CD Wall […]

Online, Offline, Maybe Crew-Hat

For all of you who have been crew on some event before, this is your hat. If you’re crew and want to show it (it can come in handy when trying to get free beer), but you also want to show if you’re either on-duty (online), off-duty (offline) or something in between (maybe), you can […]

UTP Chair

A chair made from giant RJ45 connectors connected with an ethernet cable like assembly. The arm rests are built a similar way, just with a tad smaller RJ45 connectors and less massive flat ethernet like cable. The arm-rests are can actually pivot and house a small, removable web-tablet. You can take away the web-tablet and […]

Portable Desk, Flexible Office

Imagine that you’d work in an office where there are no fixed desks, no permanent-flexible-office-space (that’s MY flex desk you’re at!) and you could move to whatever spot to work with whoever you’d like. Every single day… Here’s the idea: The Desks You’d have your own, private, portable desk with a docking station, 2 large […]

Kaleidoscope Table

A party table with a built-in video camera (or camera’s), some image processing computer and a projector. The table will capture images from it’s environment, morph them, add some colourful shapes to them and then project it onto the table’s surface and leg. The drawn examples should explain this idea pretty much. The idea is […]

Rotating Magazine Holder

A rotating magazine holder. Just that. It came from the idea that a lot of times you simply want to read a magazine, but none particular. You can randomize just by grabbing one from the stack, or you use the Rotating Magazine Holder for this. The holder holds some magazines right at your disposal, but […]

Upside Down, Downside Up Turn Table

A table designed to hang from the ceiling, but be easy to turn into a free standing party table by simply lifting it up, turning it upside down and put it firmly on the ground. The “Upside Down, Downside Up Turn Table”. The design has built-in lights in either the base or the top, depending […]

IWYTDA: Balanced Bike Cup Holder

Lau wanted me to design a balanced bike cup holder so she could enjoy a hot cup of coffee while riding her bike to the railway station. I thought about it for a day or 2 and these 7 ideas are the result: Sketch created 14th August 2010. This design is part of my IWYTDA […]

Queued CD Wall

A CD wall showing all artwork of your precious CD’s, with one very odd addition… You can not simply pick any CD you like, you have to listen to CD’s until a particular CD drops down to the end of one of the queues and is ready to be played. This is done by adding […]

Project: U & I

Project U&I is an experimental, cooperative and challenging way to decorate your walls. You create sets of photo’s for your home whereby every set consists of two images. One image will be chosen by a friend, family member, acquaintance or total stranger specifically for the person asking for a picture. The other image will be […]

Cone Shaped Lamp

A 1.5-2 meter high floor-standing cone shaped lamp. There are a few variations drawn. One idea is to integrate a light bulb into the base of the lamp, surrounded by white opaque glass. This way there will be a floodlight on the floor lighting the lower half of the room. Probably the best material will […]

Cornered CD Holders

Two systems with some variations to stack CD’s in the corner of a room. The material of both systems should probably be metal and can be either matte/brushed/glossy and  black or silver coloured.  It should be possible to make it adaptable for both CD’s and DVD’s, but not at the same time as the spacing […]

Double Pyramid Speaker System

Two slightly different designs of a speaker system, both consisting of 2 pyramids, one straight up, the other one upside-down on top of it. The pyramids are made of either a solid material (wood, concrete) or transparent (acrylic glass). The top pyramid is firmly connected to it’s base with some sturdy (black) supports on both […]

Curved Chair

Simply a curved chair. Nothing more. 🙂 Sketch created 24th November 1994.


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