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Double Pyramid Speaker System

Two slightly different designs of a speaker system, both consisting of 2 pyramids, one straight up, the other one upside-down on top of it.

The pyramids are made of either a solid material (wood, concrete) or transparent (acrylic glass). The top pyramid is firmly connected to it’s base with some sturdy (black) supports on both sides made of high-grade metal. This for design purposes. The top and bottom pyramid touch each other barely in the center, just with a large enough surface to pull the wires through and it simply looks more aesthetic this way. Connections to your hifi setup is done on the back of the bottom pyramid with standard connectors.

The system can be created as a floor stander, with the full range of loudspeakers in it, or as a bookshelf system with only mid and high tone loudspeakers accompanied by a separate subwoofer for the ultimate oomph.

Sketch created 24th November 1994.

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