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Kaleidoscope Table

A party table with a built-in video camera (or camera’s), some image processing computer and a projector. The table will capture images from it’s environment, morph them, add some colourful shapes to them and then project it onto the table’s surface and leg.

The drawn examples should explain this idea pretty much.

The idea is that the table alters the projected image every now and then, let it move around and let it be a very dynamic, hypnotic table. It might even use sensors all around to “feel” what’s been put on the table and use the shape to create shapes projected elsewhere.

I just used a single camera on these sketches, but it might be a great idea not to just stick to a dome-camera in the table’s centre, but use several camera’s inside the table or a remote camera somewhere in the corner of the room or in somewhere else in or outside the building.

Of course the material uses should be some semi-transparent acrylic glass, so that the images can be projected on. Also you’d need some video camera’s (webcams) a computer, projector and some custom software to accomplish all this.

Sketch created 19th August 2010.

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