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Not-So-Queued CD Table

Inspired by my Queued CD Wall I decided to take the idea a little further and make a salon table with the same idea, but slightly different.

The basic idea is the same, but then horizontally modeled into a salon table. What’s added is an idea that could be embedded into the Queued CD Wall as well, electronics. 🙂

As every single CD has a unique code on it’s back, you could easily use that to let the table know what CD’s are on the table so you could play them without ever taking them out. Simply tap on the CD you want to play (hence the “Not-So-Queued” in the name of this design) and it scans it’s barcode, sends that to a device hooked up to your home stereo containing all mp3’s of all the CD’s in your collection and the CD you selected is played straight away. (Of course the box is equipped with a CD drive, a harddrive, a barcode scanner and an network connection so you can easily rip all your CD’s to the system, storing the barcodes or manually add all mp3’s to it’s harddrive and linking the barcodes by hand.)

There’s a display on the left-hand side of the table with information about the CD currently playing and there are some controls to shuffle, pause, stop, skip or lock so you can use the table as normal, without having to worry about accidentally putting on another CD. Of course, it’s a salon table in the first place, you need to be able to use it that way without hassle. 🙂

The sliding system is designed the same way as the wall-hanging system, you have to push CD’s through the entire system. But for convenience matters you can simply select the CD you want to play, instead of having to wait ’till it’s at the listening position of the queue. Of course you CAN switch to this classic queued behavior any time you like.

Sketch created 22nd August 2010.

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