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Portable Desk, Flexible Office

Imagine that you’d work in an office where there are no fixed desks, no permanent-flexible-office-space (that’s MY flex desk you’re at!) and you could move to whatever spot to work with whoever you’d like. Every single day…

Here’s the idea:

The Desks

  • You’d have your own, private, portable desk with a docking station, 2 large TFT screens, a keyboard and a mouse, with a drawer to store personal belongings like paperwork, picture frames, plants, etc .
  • You’d have your own chair, which you can set to your likings and has exactly the colour, material and luxury you’d like
  • You’d have your own, private laptop, so you could either have a seat at your desk, or take your laptop and work sitting comfortably in a sofa
  • Desks are equipped with a powerstrip so you can easily charge up your cellphone, pda, etc.
  • Desks can have a sign, telling who’s working at it, what his/her position he/she has and what department he/she works at
  • Desks can have a “mood-switch” telling your co-workers if you’d rather have a quiet environment, don’t mind some noise or don’t care at all (the mood-switch is then connected to the mood-sign inside the office and outside on the door)

The Offices

  • The offices are in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, ranging in maximum capacity anywhere from 2 to 30 desks, so you could choose if you’d like a rather private and quiet spot to do some heavy-thinking work, or work together with a large number of colleagues from all over the office
  • Offices are empty, except from numerous plants, some lounge area’s, coffee corners, etc
  • Desks are connected to the building infrastructure (power, ethernet, telephone, etc) with a multi-connector (so you’d only have to plug in one single connector, not 4)
  • There’s an automatic door-sign on each office telling you who’s in, from what department and what position he/she has (fed by a computer system looking at who’s plugged in in that particular office)
  • There are mood-signs inside and outside the office, telling what the mood of the people currently working in the office is. (Quiet, Noisy, Neutral) This is an automatic voting system, the majority simply wins. πŸ™‚


  • Desks and chairs are stored on a central locker-room in the building, served by a machine we can call the “Automatic Workplace Retrieval System” (ARWS), pronounced as “arrrrrrrse” πŸ˜›

That’s it. The “Portable Desk, Flexible Office” concept. Hopefully the drawings fill in the gaps and make the idea a bit more visual.

Sketches created 21st August 2010.

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  1. August 21, 2010 at 10:57 am | Permalink

    And you really see people squeaking around their desks every morning and evening? I myself prefer just having my own desk and place. Likely more ergonomical too.

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