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Project: U & I

Project U&I is an experimental, cooperative and challenging way to decorate your walls.

You create sets of photo’s for your home whereby every set consists of two images. One image will be chosen by a friend, family member, acquaintance or total stranger specifically for the person asking for a picture. The other image will be chosen by you, from the private picture collection of that friend, family member, acquaintance or total stranger. Both people involved are not allowed to know each others choice nor are they allowed to influence each other in any way and neither person involved is not allowed to debate about the other person’s pick. You have to mount the chosen picture to the wall next to the picture you choose yourself.

Both images can have any color, subject or shape. The one thing in common is that they will be housed in exactly the same frame and therefore the width of the picture is fixed. (It has to fit snugly into the frame.) One frame is engraved with a “U” (You), the other with an “I”, indication which picture is chosen by who. (The frame labeled “I” is for the image chosen by you, the frame labeled “U” is for the image chosen by the other person involved.) This way you both get probably very different and unlinked images but with the designed frame as a calming interconnection.

You simply repeat this process with different people, until you have enough sets for your home. Of course you can stick to one set, but my original idea is to have at least 4-6 sets hanging around your house, with a few spare sets to interchange every now and then. It might be cool to experiment with the proximity of the persons you ask to get totally different results.

Attached are the original drawings I made a few years ago, including a design for the picture frame. The design can be made (I created it myself, you can not find it in the shop…), but it is a hard design to make. It has a built-in floodlight, no visible sides and the picture has to be glued inside a confined space to keep it from deteriorating over the years. If you want to hire a professional to build the picture frames for you (this is advised), it will be quite expensive. (Think 100-300 EUR per frame, including the printing and mounting of a professionally printed image.)

Sketches probably created between 2003 and 2005.

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