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Queued CD Wall

A CD wall showing all artwork of your precious CD’s, with one very odd addition… You can not simply pick any CD you like, you have to listen to CD’s until a particular CD drops down to the end of one of the queues and is ready to be played. This is done by adding a (locking) guidance system to the sides of every queue of CD’, stacking CD’s on top of each other and being only removable from the bottom shelf.

You drop CD’s in at the top of one of as many queues as you have and can listen only to the CD’s at the end of each queue. This way you basically force yourself to listen to the CD’s you don’t listen very often and cycle between them. How often don’t you have CD’s in your collection you heard years ago and almost forget what they sound like. It can (bot not always will) be a very pleasant surprise to listen to a CD you almost forgot it existed. Meanwhile you can fully enjoy the artwork of your entire collection too often tucked away in a drawer, only to be seen once in a while at your iPod or when you listen to a specific CD.

Of course you can cheat, you can simply remove CD’s from the bottom and drop them in at the top of the queue until the CD you want to play is at the bottom. But that’s not the idea of this wall. 🙂

The design is very flexible, you could have anywhere from a single queue with 4 CD’s, to a massive wall-filling 42 queue, 20 CD’s each assembly, capable of handling a whopping 840 CD’s.

The materials I have in mind for this project are brushed black or blank metal for the guides and frame and an optional matte glass plate. But maybe different coloured guides may look cool as well.

Sketch created 13th August 2010.

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