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Transparent Pyramid TV and HiFi set

A TV or HiFi set built into a completely transparent acrylic glass pyramid.

The idea is that there is no casing a all but the transparent pyramid so that all electronics and parts are clearly visible. The inner could be enhanced with some LED’s and other light sources to make it even more appealing.

Controlling the equipment is done in a very distinct and original way. The scribblings on the drawing explain exactly how in Dutch. The idea is that there are no touch buttons at all but that all is controlled by interrupting light-locks with your finger. (Using a remote control for the more advanced functions). This can be very easily done with off-the-shelf electronic components. The light-lock can either use visible or invisible (Infra-Red) light. The first probably being the prettiest.

Naturally, the setup is too big to be put somewhere aside in a cupboard and earns a very visible spot in your living room or design office.

Sketches probably created between 1987 and 1997.

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