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Upside Down, Downside Up Turn Table

A table designed to hang from the ceiling, but be easy to turn into a free standing party table by simply lifting it up, turning it upside down and put it firmly on the ground. The “Upside Down, Downside Up Turn Table”.

The design has built-in lights in either the base or the top, depending if the table is hanging or put on the ground. When the table is hanging from the ceiling the idea is that there is a power connector built into the clamp connector, whereby the clamp both serves as a sturdy way to hang the the table from the ceiling (but be easy to take off) and provide power to the built-in lights. When the table is standing on the ground, you can attach a separate power cord to it’s base to provide power for it’s lights.

The lights can be switched on by simply touching the table’s single leg.

The table top can either be solid (metal, wood, plastic), transparent/translucent or both with a transparent ring in the middle where the lights shine through.

Of course, the table’s base needs to be quite heavy and not too narrow to provide a solid base when standing on the ground.

Upside Down, Downside Up Turn Table

Sketch created 14th August 2010.

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