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UTP Chair

A chair made from giant RJ45 connectors connected with an ethernet cable like assembly. The arm rests are built a similar way, just with a tad smaller RJ45 connectors and less massive flat ethernet like cable.

The arm-rests are can actually pivot and house a small, removable web-tablet. You can take away the web-tablet and use it somewhere else. It also contains a UTP connector connected to the LAN, a USB HUB and a power connector so you can hook up your notebook, cellphone or PDA to the chair and surf the internet at full speed or simply charge any device you like. (Or both…)

Unfortunately the sketch didn’t come out as well as I’d like, sorry for that, it must be my lack of (3D) drawing skills. đŸ™‚ Hopefully the idea is clear enough though.

Sketch created 21st August 2010.

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