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Monthly Archives: November, 2010

Artminds Connected, Globally

How cool would it be if YOU had control over the artwork displayed in your neigbours home, or that in a strangers home on the other side of the world, of even that displayed for millions in the Tate Modern in London? Full control yet no influence This, in a way to have full control […]

Another Day? Another Painting!

Bored of seeing the same old picture hanging on the wall of your living room every day? Want to be surprised, every morning, what ‘d be you’d see when you’re having breakfast? This just might be for you… Basically it’s just a picture frame, but with several pictures stacked inside. Every night the mechanism comes […]

Fuzzy Bookshelf Clock

A bookshelf, but at the same time a fuzzy clock. It tells you the approximate time by revealing one or more shelves. For example, at 1 ‘o clock only the upper right shelf is revealed, at 6 ‘o clock the lower right 3 and at 11 ‘o clock the upper left 2. Have a look […]

Do(n’t) Talk To Me Chair

Two chairs, connected, next to, and opposite of each other. Depending on if you DO or do NOT want tot talk to the person sitting next to you, you simply push forward or backward and end up either face to face or back to back. Of course both chairs have wheels, so both have full […]

Yellow Pole Jack Chair

A massive bright yellow electric pole jack attached to a chair with wheels. That’s basically the idea. You simply adjust the height of the back to your activity (reading, dining, watching TV, relaxing, sleeping) or your mood (active and alert, sleepy and dozing off). The top of the back lowers, altering it’s angle from really […]


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