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Another Day? Another Painting!

Bored of seeing the same old picture hanging on the wall of your living room every day? Want to be surprised, every morning, what ‘d be you’d see when you’re having breakfast? This just might be for you…

Basically it’s just a picture frame, but with several pictures stacked inside. Every night the mechanism comes into action and exchanges the picture for one from it’s collection hidden inside. Of course there’s a nifty remote control to alter all the settings you like and need and a display to show what you’re actually looking at, just like you’re in a museum.

How about the bookshelf then? Well, it’s simply there to hide the mechanism and give some room to store more paintings then could be stored only in the picture frame. But you’re completely free to add a deeper meaning to the presence of the shelf. 🙂

Sketch created 18th November 2010.

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