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Yellow Pole Jack Chair

A massive bright yellow electric pole jack attached to a chair with wheels. That’s basically the idea. You simply adjust the height of the back to your activity (reading, dining, watching TV, relaxing, sleeping) or your mood (active and alert, sleepy and dozing off). The top of the back lowers, altering it’s angle from really upright to a more comfortable relaxing and eventually even sleeping position. The wheels underneath the chair simply glide along.

Of course the chair has to be stuffed with somewhat comfortable upholstery to make it both a great chair for reading countless hours as watching TV as snoozing a bit.

Fun fact is that I actually got this idea while on a rather uncomfortable buss ride, looking at the bright yellow poles I had to cling onto while the driver whacked all his passengers left to right an front to back. 🙂 So one of the key elements IS the bright yellow pole, supporting the backside of the chair…

Sketch created 2nd November 2010.

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