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Time based imageframe & clock

A square digital image frame with a (digital) clock. That’s basically what it is. This could be any design, any size. But there’s one thing that’s different in this idea: The image shown, is taken on the exact time and date as the current time. What you see on the frame, is what you could see if you’d look outside! (Yes, if it’s winter, you’d see an image taken in winter, if it’s summer but 11pm, you’d probably see a quite dark image.)

We need a few things to get this working:

  • Loads of images! Really, loads of images. (Or we might be less exact.) These images could be uploaded to the frame itself (SD card), stored on a local server (wifi or ethernet required) or stored on the internet in a pool. (We could use Flickr, Deviantart or our own pool.)
    • Also, the images could be images taken ourselves, by peers, by people having this clock, by friends,  etc.
  • Some pretty smart computer behind the frame and software to provide all functions, read EXIF information, connect to the internet, etc, etc,etc.
    • Power won’t really be an issue as we need a steady power supply for the screen. Operation on batteries is not really considered.
  • Some network synchronization (NTP) to get the correct time and date.
  • A smartphone app or other form of this idea could be a nice extra to simulate the idea behind the clock in something you could have with you all the time. I’m thinking “Omate” though 240x240px is a bit tiny for showing full-blown photographs. 🙂
  • Network connectivity if we’d like to have access to the amount of pictures to make this really look cool.

So that’s it. Yes this is “just a digital photo frame with a clock”, just a tad different than what’s already out there. 🙂


Time based imageframe & clock

Sketch created 13th October 2013.

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