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Walltime LED-Clock

A (LED)clock projecting the time on a wall by different light patterns.

Time is represented by patterns of light on the wall or ceiling dependent on where the light is mounted. (It can be mounted on the ceiling, floor, top of a cupboard/bookcase and even sideways on the wall. The time is not precise even with a “resolution” of 5 minutes, as it’s quite hard to determine what exact LED is burning. This could be circumvented by actually painting the wall with a timescale.

The Day

In general day starts on the left at 0:00, then the hours slowly work to the right changing color temperature from a cool blue night-ish glow to a warm midday color temperature. Then the hours go back to the left again, keeping the warm yellow color and then working it’s way to the right to a cool blue nightglow again.

Minutes start on the left at 0 minutes and move to the right where the 60 minute mark is. They keep the same color during the day, but might change during the seizons. (For example a cooler, whiter colour during winter and a warmer, yellowish colour during summer.) Also, because we want to be precise as possible, they do not simply switch a new LED on every 5 minutes but HAVE a LED every 5 minutes, increasing and decreasing brightness of the LED’s every few seconds.

The beams/patterns

As we want to easily show the difference between minutes and hours, the beam pattern has to be different. Idea is that the hours are represented by a small but strong and long beam reaching the floor (if ceiling-mounted). Minutes however will be represented by a short but wide beam. This is opposite to a clock whereby the hour-hand is the short-hand and minutes by the long hand. Seconds will not be represented seperately, only by the shifting brightness of the minute LEDs.

The Hardware


  • Arduino or other intelligent and programmable controller
  • auto-setting the time (NTP)
  • timezone aware
  • changing hour representing LED colours dependent on the the time of day
  • changing minute representing LED colours dependent on the season
  • connecting multiple elements (bars) to create a clock anywhere from 2 meters to infinity
  • changeable by the user (setting the timezone, altering the color patterns, etc)

LED bar

  • 12 high-power multicolor LED’s or LED clusters with a lens creating a small, long beam for the hours
  • 12 high-power multicolor LED’s or LED clusters with a lens creating a wide, short beam for the minutes
  • connectable to other bars, increasing the width of the bar and the resolution

Mount options

  • ceiling, projecting the time on the wall and floor
  • floor, projecting the time on the wall and ceiling
  • wall, projecting the time on the wall and opposite wall
  • bookcase/cupboard, projecting the time on the ceiling

Walltime LED-clock 1-3 Walltime LED-clock 2-3Walltime LED-clock 3-3

Sketches created 19th October 2013.

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