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Wired wireless keyboard & mouse

Concept of a (computer) desk with built-in (USB) charger and “wireless” connectors for keyboard and mouse.

The idea behind this is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of batteries always dying. It’s a bit of a combination between wireless devices connecting via BlueTooth and wired devices connecting via USB.  I want to take out the dependency of BlueTooth, go back to quite regular, but still be able to move around my keyboard and mouse anywhere I like, meanwhile not having to deal with batteries and using the same grid to power, charge and connect other devices like cellphones and tablets to the entire grid.

The components:

  • A desk with conductive copper or metal strips carrying both data and power for keyboard, mouse, cellphone, tablet, etc, etc, etc
  • Regular USB ports for charging devices who can not be converted to use the grid
  • Electronics to prevent short cirquit (the lines have to be switched off, devices use remaining lines)
  • Electronics to separate the various USB signals from eachother (USB hub functionality)
  • Special keyboards and mice with built-in connectors to the grid
  • USB to “grid” convertors for devices like cellphones, tablets, etc
  • Many, many more

Of course many components have to be worked out and this is really just a very rough idea. No real design work involved yet as it is about the concept and not aesthetic of the whole desk. 🙂

Wired wireless keyboard and mouse

Sketch created 13th October 2013.

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