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Monitor stand with built-in LED light

A monitor stand with LED’s built into it’s legs. (For drawing, writing and computer use.) The LED’s can be colour-changing and be turned to create either a floodlight under the monitor stand or beam on the desk in front.

When turned inwards, it’s a mood-light, when turned outwards it’s useable for reading and drawing. If the legs are turned towards the front, colour can change to white and floodlight can turn into a brighter, more focussed beam.

  • Turning legs
    • Turned inwards, sideways, outwards: ambient / mood light
    • Turned towards desk: reading, drawing, etc
  • Colour
    • Bright White / Paper White for accurate drawing
    • Soft White for ambient light
    • Multicolour / Rainbow / Colourchanging for ambient light / moodlight

Monitor stand with built-in LED light

Sketch created 15th October 2013.

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