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Personalized Presence Registration

At work we have an Ikea Expedit closet which is quite empty at the moment. Last week we talked about it at lunch and one of the ideas is filling the closet with personal items from the various departments in our office. (ICT, Finance, Customer Contact Centre, etc.) This got me to the idea of using a similar closet for a personalized employee attendance system in both a digital and analog form.

In the analog design all squares are filled with personal items from the employees, representing them in their own preferred way. When the employee is out of the office, his/hers personal item will be hidden by either an translucent (milk) glass or a wooden door. When the employee enters the office and his/hers presence is registered, the door opens and the item will be visible.

In the digital design we can take this one step further. The squares are filled with LCD touch screens and this opens up endless possibilities. We can add information about the employee, the times he/she is normally in the office, the department he/she works for, the extra groups/teams he/she is in (for example the Emergency Response Team, BHV in Dutch, or whether it’s a board member), etc, etc, etc. It would also be possible to normally show a personalized photo/image, but show detailed information when the screen is touched, going back to the default photo/image after a set timeout.

Of course, the digital design could be done entirely by using a very big screen, but that kind of defeats the idea of using an Expedit-like closet and filling it with personal items. The idea behind this is really that it’s more a very personal representation of the people working in the office then an adequate presence registration. (There are better tools for that.) That’s why in both cases showing a personal item is they key. Digitalizing it with computer screens just add more features to it.


Personalized Presence Registration

Sketch created 10th November 2013.

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