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Altering height couch, bed, floor

Bit of a mash-up between a regular floor, a couch, a bed and all you can imagine.

The idea behind this is a floor split up in tiles, height altering depending on the function of the floor at that moment. With the flick of a button you could change the floor to a couch, a bed, a snugging area or just a completely random pattern.

80 x 80 cm looks like good size for the different tiles and yes the base of the floor has to be on a fairly high level to accommodate the various heights of the tiles. Maximum height of the tile has to be somewhere in the 100cm range to be able to have multiple levels and actually create something like a couch with a floor, seat and back.

Various practical issues are there like the mechanics involved, the gaps between the tiles, the hardness/softness of the tiles (you want a firm surface to walk on and put your drinks down, but a soft surface to sit/lie on), etc, etc, etc. So yes, this is a very rough sketch about something that in the end might not be practical at all. 🙂

Altering height couch, bed, floor 1-2 Altering height couch, bed, floor 2-2

Sketches created 10th November 2013.

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