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Uneven Customizable Bookshelf

A bookshelf with uneven, customizable, shelves.

What happens with a normal bookshelf is that you always have trouble keeping books upright. Books do fall to the side and you have many different size books, just not fitting on one shelf. So you create different shelf heights. Similar books end up on different levels, only because books have a different size. With this bookshelf both “problems” are addressed. You can group books on the same shelf, with the inclination helping kepping the books standing up.

As it is very handy to have no fixed levels, but adjustable, my idea is to have multiple fixing positions for the shelves like a regular bookshelf, but meant to be that they are not level. They can however, if needed or liked.

Of course this way shelves have a different length. That can be solved by simply sawing the ends of so they fit. 🙂

Uneven Customizable Bookshelf

Sketch created 7th September 2014.

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