Industrial design, concepts, photo's, drawings, music & all other creative outings.


About this site…

This site is created to be a playground for some of my creative-ish outings. The idea is to simply publish a variety and mix of random scraps, bits of audio, and some more pretentious or larger projects.

I’m loosely inspired by 365 Dagen Hay and altered the idea to my own wishes and bright ideas.

It consists of 2 main parts, this blog and a wiki. The blog is used for, well what you use a blog for and the wiki is used to scribble and scrap all things about the larger projects together.

Of course it’s accompanied by an RSS feed, and a twitter account.

English or Dutch?

The language used is a mixture English and Nederlands (Dutch) and totally dependent on my current mood, de stand van de maan, and simply whether I feel like writing in English or Dutch.

About the designs, have any of them ever been built?

Nope, so far not. I had and have the intention to actually build some of the designs, but so far none of the designs has left the drawing board.

Maybe, if the time is right, I have the right tools or if someone or some company is willing to actually make the designs, it might actually happen and for sure the results will be put online. 🙂

Are all these ideas and designs original?

Well yes, they are.

Some of them might be inspired by others but it’s not that I google to see if my idea is truly original or if someone else had that idea before. So you might see something and think “Hey! I’ve seen that before!”. Still what’s published here are my own original idea’s.


I decided not to licence my designs, drawings, photo’s, idea’s, etc under any free or open licence so everything published IS copyrighted, by me, the author.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the content of this website in the near or far future, so releasing it all into the open just doesn’t seem the best thing to do right now. Sorry.

However, if you’re interested in using anything published here, feel free to contact me.


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This is a blog about you-name-it-I-draw-it designs, photo's, drawings, music & all other creative outings. To inspire and enjoy, 'cause it's good to create, again.

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