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Cone Shaped Lamp

A 1.5-2 meter high floor-standing cone shaped lamp. There are a few variations drawn. One idea is to integrate a light bulb into the base of the lamp, surrounded by white opaque glass. This way there will be a floodlight on the floor lighting the lower half of the room. Probably the best material will […]

Cornered CD Holders

Two systems with some variations to stack CD’s in the corner of a room. The material of both systems should probably be metal and can be either matte/brushed/glossy and  black or silver coloured.  It should be possible to make it adaptable for both CD’s and DVD’s, but not at the same time as the spacing […]

Double Pyramid Speaker System

Two slightly different designs of a speaker system, both consisting of 2 pyramids, one straight up, the other one upside-down on top of it. The pyramids are made of either a solid material (wood, concrete) or transparent (acrylic glass). The top pyramid is firmly connected to it’s base with some sturdy (black) supports on both […]

Curved Chair

Simply a curved chair. Nothing more. 🙂 Sketch created 24th November 1994.

6 CD Holders

Simply 6 sketches of CD holders, from very common to kinda extraordinary and odd.

Transparent Pyramid TV and HiFi set

A TV or HiFi set built into a completely transparent acrylic glass pyramid. The idea is that there is no casing a all but the transparent pyramid so that all electronics and parts are clearly visible. The inner could be enhanced with some LED’s and other light sources to make it even more appealing. Controlling […]

Triangles Drawing

Sketches probably created between 1987 and 1997.

Test Tube Vases

Two different vase designs made out of either metal, (acrylic)glass or wood and test tubes. The first is a simple solid block, with a 4×4 matrix of test tubes sticking out of it. The second is made of 5 interconnected standoffs, with a test tube in every standoff. Sketches probably created between 1987 and 1997.

Desk with drawer and shelves

A desk with built-in drawer and shelves. The left leg, containing the drawers and the shelves, have a triangular shape and “passes through” the table where the shelves are in-line with the drawers. The right legs stand next to the surface and protrude through the top of the table so that they’re explicitly visible. The […]

Abbé Pierre Linocut

A linocut made based on a picture of Abbé Pierre, founder of the Emmaus Community for homeless people. Linocut created between 1991 and 1992.

A Pyramid Table

This is a simple pyramid shaped table. The table-top is made out of transparent (acrylic)glass, the standoffs are made out of solid black metal. The table-top is either triangle or square shaped and at an angle of the base, the base can either be pyramid shaped or triangle-pyramid shaped and can be either transparent (glass, […]

The Upside-Down Double-Pyramid Table

A table with 2 intertwined pyramid shapes, one consisting of a solid framework (the legs), the other one consisting of some see-through surface (acrylic glass) put upside-down. The solid legs show through and the top of the pyramid sticks right through the table-top. Sketch created 15th April 1996.

The Cone Table

A double-cone-shaped side-table. The outer cone is made of acrylic glass, the inner cone is made out of either transparent acrylic glass or solid metal and the surface is made of glass or acrylic glass so you can well see the inner structure. Sketch created 18th April 1996.

The A-Table

A desk/table with a distinct A-design. The angle of the table can be easily altered, so you can use it as a flat table or as a sketch table. The table top can be either glass or some solid surface. The angle can be fixed with pins. Sketch probably created between 1987 and 1997.

Hello World! Etc. Etc. Etc. is here…

Hi there! This is it, a shiny new project. What’s the idea? Why this blog? Well, have a look at the about page. Basically I decided that I wanted to do something with all the tiny tidbits of artsy, design, music, odd idea’s and other things in my head and challenge myself to start creating […]


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