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Portable Desk, Flexible Office

Imagine that you’d work in an office where there are no fixed desks, no permanent-flexible-office-space (that’s MY flex desk you’re at!) and you could move to whatever spot to work with whoever you’d like. Every single day… Here’s the idea: The Desks You’d have your own, private, portable desk with a docking station, 2 large […]

Queued CD Wall

A CD wall showing all artwork of your precious CD’s, with one very odd addition… You can not simply pick any CD you like, you have to listen to CD’s until a particular CD drops down to the end of one of the queues and is ready to be played. This is done by adding […]

Project: U & I

Project U&I is an experimental, cooperative and challenging way to decorate your walls. You create sets of photo’s for your home whereby every set consists of two images. One image will be chosen by a friend, family member, acquaintance or total stranger specifically for the person asking for a picture. The other image will be […]

Cornered CD Holders

Two systems with some variations to stack CD’s in the corner of a room. The material of both systems should probably be metal and can be either matte/brushed/glossy and  black or silver coloured.  It should be possible to make it adaptable for both CD’s and DVD’s, but not at the same time as the spacing […]

Transparent Pyramid TV and HiFi set

A TV or HiFi set built into a completely transparent acrylic glass pyramid. The idea is that there is no casing a all but the transparent pyramid so that all electronics and parts are clearly visible. The inner could be enhanced with some LED’s and other light sources to make it even more appealing. Controlling […]

The Upside-Down Double-Pyramid Table

A table with 2 intertwined pyramid shapes, one consisting of a solid framework (the legs), the other one consisting of some see-through surface (acrylic glass) put upside-down. The solid legs show through and the top of the pyramid sticks right through the table-top. Sketch created 15th April 1996.

The A-Table

A desk/table with a distinct A-design. The angle of the table can be easily altered, so you can use it as a flat table or as a sketch table. The table top can be either glass or some solid surface. The angle can be fixed with pins. Sketch probably created between 1987 and 1997.


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