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Do(n’t) Talk To Me Chair

Two chairs, connected, next to, and opposite of each other. Depending on if you DO or do NOT want tot talk to the person sitting next to you, you simply push forward or backward and end up either face to face or back to back.

Of course both chairs have wheels, so both have full control of the situation, only limited by the amount of space in the room. Walls don’t give in, so if you’re really angry and absolutely don’t want to talk, you might end up pushing your neighbourย  into the wall. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes this is not a very handy chair if you want to watch some television together, I’m thinking of a separate design for that. (Something with a hinge, connecting the 2 chairs.)

Sketch created 2nd November 2010.

Yellow Pole Jack Chair

A massive bright yellow electric pole jack attached to a chair with wheels. That’s basically the idea. You simply adjust the height of the back to your activity (reading, dining, watching TV, relaxing, sleeping) or your mood (active and alert, sleepy and dozing off). The top of the back lowers, altering it’s angle from really upright to a more comfortable relaxing and eventually even sleeping position. The wheels underneath the chair simply glide along.

Of course the chair has to be stuffed with somewhat comfortable upholstery to make it both a great chair for reading countless hours as watching TV as snoozing a bit.

Fun fact is that I actually got this idea while on a rather uncomfortable buss ride, looking at the bright yellow poles I had to cling onto while the driver whacked all his passengers left to right an front to back. ๐Ÿ™‚ So one of the key elements IS the bright yellow pole, supporting the backside of the chair…

Sketch created 2nd November 2010.

Wavy Ribbon Chair

You know all the ribbon campaigns? Blue ribbon (free speech), pink ribbon (breast cancer), pink ribbon (environmental justice), etc, etc, etc. You want to support them in a different way? This might be the chair for you. The chair consists of 2 ribbons and a wavy seat between them. The idea is that you either have fixed-coloured ribbons on either end (the cheap way) or have lights inside the chair so that you can change the colour of the ribbon whenever you like or is appropriate. (For example change the colour to pink when it’s October, the annual breast cancer month.)

Sketch created 18th September 2010.

If you’re curious how and where such a design is created, I drew this particular design in the train from Utrecht to Den Haag, while traveling to some computer-related volunteer event. This is how it looks:

I draw most of my designs just with an inscribed black extra-fine Parker pen. This time I bought a set of 20 coloured Stabilo fineliners just minutes before hopping on the train and used them to add some colour to the design to make the idea more visual.


Inspired by the Book Seat combined with my own idea’s to easily read magazines I created some designs where you can store some magazines in a chair to pick up and read whenever you like. The chair is created of transparent material (acrylic glass) so you can actually see the magazines from all sides and this way the covers of the magazines add to the design and make it differently every day.

Sketch created 17th September 2010.

Modular Circular Chair

A circular and very modular chair.ย  The chair is made from building blocks which you stack on top of each other so you get just the configuration you like. With the same ease but different blocks you get a stool and a side table. In this drawing I used very bright coloured parts, there is no reason why you wouldn’t create a blocks with slightly less bright colours. However, I think for this design the ultra-bright colours simply work best.

Sketch created 12th September 2010.

The Chable

A chair, easily converted into a table, easily converted into a chair, easily converted intoโ€ฆ Yep, you get my drift again. This time it’s even easier, there’s a hinge in the back so you simply fold the chair into a small side table and fold it back into a chair within a second.

Easy, ain’t it?

Sketch created 11th September 2010.

The Chool

A chair, easily converted into a stool, easily converted into a chair, easily converted into… Well, you get the drift. It’s a very basic design, you simply slide the back of the chair over one side of the stool and you’re done. No tools, no manuals, no fuzz. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sketch created 10th September 2010.

7h Chair

A chair shaped like a 7 and a h. For those lazy afternoons, starting at 7 o’clockย  (7h) and ending much much later…

Comfortable black leather seating,ย  sturdy wooden arm rests and you’re ready to sit back and relax.

Sketch created 9th September 2010.

LCD Mood-Chair

This idea came to mind when I was walking through the vineyards of southern France and somehow I wanted to capture the vibe into something used on a daily basis, not limited to viewing those pictures online. This is the result, a chair with LCD panels in it’s seat, front- and back used to display various images and patterns. For example pictures taken on your holiday,video’s of the great festival you’ve been to, just some random drawings you made yesterday or random patterns matching your current or wanted mood.

The legs and arm-rest of the chair will contain led-chains in various colours and the top of the seat contains speakers to make it possible to listen to your favourite music or sounds, increasing the experience.

Sketch created 8th September 2010.

Tie Chair

A chair in the shape of a tie. The materials involved should resemble a real tie, so silk for the tie itself and some metal rods for supporting and shaping the whole lot. Then a wooden or steel pole for the back-end. That’s it. Basically ๐Ÿ™‚

Sketch created 7th September 2010.

Pyramid Bathroom Sink

A pyramid shaped bathroom sink with some special features. The design is entirely triangular with a push-pull water tap. If you want to tap water, you simply pull it down, if you want to use the mirror, push it up.

There are 2 handles left and right, the left one is for regulating the temperature, the right one for regulating the flow. They’re seamlessly integrated in the sink’s legs, simply twist them to alter the temperature or flow.

There are 2 small closets on the lower left and right hand side of the sink, to store all your personal belongings like razorblades, deodorant, etc. Light is integrated in the large mirror behind.

You could use this as a duo sink, by simply putting 2 of them next to each other.

Sketch created 22nd August 2010.

Not-So-Queued CD Table

Inspired by my Queued CD Wall I decided to take the idea a little further and make a salon table with the same idea, but slightly different.

The basic idea is the same, but then horizontally modeled into a salon table. What’s added is an idea that could be embedded into the Queued CD Wall as well, electronics. ๐Ÿ™‚

As every single CD has a unique code on it’s back, you could easily use that to let the table know what CD’s are on the table so you could play them without ever taking them out. Simply tap on the CD you want to play (hence the “Not-So-Queued” in the name of this design) and it scans it’s barcode, sends that to a device hooked up to your home stereo containing all mp3’s of all the CD’s in your collection and the CD you selected is played straight away. (Of course the box is equipped with a CD drive, a harddrive, a barcode scanner and an network connection so you can easily rip all your CD’s to the system, storing the barcodes or manually add all mp3’s to it’s harddrive and linking the barcodes by hand.)

There’s a display on the left-hand side of the table with information about the CD currently playing and there are some controls to shuffle, pause, stop, skip or lock so you can use the table as normal, without having to worry about accidentally putting on another CD. Of course, it’s a salon table in the first place, you need to be able to use it that way without hassle. ๐Ÿ™‚

The sliding system is designed the same way as the wall-hanging system, you have to push CD’s through the entire system. But for convenience matters you can simply select the CD you want to play, instead of having to wait ’till it’s at the listening position of the queue. Of course you CAN switch to this classic queued behavior any time you like.

Sketch created 22nd August 2010.

Online, Offline, Maybe Crew-Hat

For all of you who have been crew on some event before, this is your hat. If you’re crew and want to show it (it can come in handy when trying to get free beer), but you also want to show if you’re either on-duty (online), off-duty (offline) or something in between (maybe), you can wear this hat and it shows by it’s colour and text.

The idea is based on colour-changing fabric which simply shifts colours on the push of a button, from green (online, on-duty), via blue (maybe) to red (offline, off-duty).

Here’s the sketch:

Sketch created 21st August 2010.

UTP Chair

A chair made from giant RJ45 connectors connected with an ethernet cable like assembly. The arm rests are built a similar way, just with a tad smaller RJ45 connectors and less massive flat ethernet like cable.

The arm-rests are can actually pivot and house a small, removable web-tablet. You can take away the web-tablet and use it somewhere else. It also contains a UTP connector connected to the LAN, a USB HUB and a power connector so you can hook up your notebook, cellphone or PDA to the chair and surf the internet at full speed or simply charge any device you like. (Or both…)

Unfortunately the sketch didn’t come out as well as I’d like, sorry for that, it must be my lack of (3D) drawing skills. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully the idea is clear enough though.

Sketch created 21st August 2010.

Portable Desk, Flexible Office

Imagine that you’d work in an office where there are no fixed desks, no permanent-flexible-office-space (that’s MY flex desk you’re at!) and you could move to whatever spot to work with whoever you’d like. Every single day…

Here’s the idea:

The Desks

  • You’d have your own, private, portable desk with a docking station, 2 large TFT screens, a keyboard and a mouse, with a drawer to store personal belongings like paperwork, picture frames, plants, etc .
  • You’d have your own chair, which you can set to your likings and has exactly the colour, material and luxury you’d like
  • You’d have your own, private laptop, so you could either have a seat at your desk, or take your laptop and work sitting comfortably in a sofa
  • Desks are equipped with a powerstrip so you can easily charge up your cellphone, pda, etc.
  • Desks can have a sign, telling who’s working at it, what his/her position he/she has and what department he/she works at
  • Desks can have a “mood-switch” telling your co-workers if you’d rather have a quiet environment, don’t mind some noise or don’t care at all (the mood-switch is then connected to the mood-sign inside the office and outside on the door)

The Offices

  • The offices are in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, ranging in maximum capacity anywhere from 2 to 30 desks, so you could choose if you’d like a rather private and quiet spot to do some heavy-thinking work, or work together with a large number of colleagues from all over the office
  • Offices are empty, except from numerous plants, some lounge area’s, coffee corners, etc
  • Desks are connected to the building infrastructure (power, ethernet, telephone, etc) with a multi-connector (so you’d only have to plug in one single connector, not 4)
  • There’s an automatic door-sign on each office telling you who’s in, from what department and what position he/she has (fed by a computer system looking at who’s plugged in in that particular office)
  • There are mood-signs inside and outside the office, telling what the mood of the people currently working in the office is. (Quiet, Noisy, Neutral) This is an automatic voting system, the majority simply wins. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Desks and chairs are stored on a central locker-room in the building, served by a machine we can call the “Automatic Workplace Retrieval System” (ARWS), pronounced as “arrrrrrrse” ๐Ÿ˜›

That’s it. The “Portable Desk, Flexible Office” concept. Hopefully the drawings fill in the gaps and make the idea a bit more visual.

Sketches created 21st August 2010.


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