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Altering height couch, bed, floor

Bit of a mash-up between a regular floor, a couch, a bed and all you can imagine. The idea behind this is a floor split up in tiles, height altering depending on the function of the floor at that moment. With the flick of a button you could change the floor to a couch, a […]

Turnaround when liked

Three geometrical shapes combined in a chair with a twist. The square and circular bits are put firmly together but it’s the triangle which can pivot around. The sole reason? Just to change the look… Sketch created 29 January & 7th February 2011.

Ball-Framed Chair

Combine a cut-out ball-shape with a wooden or steel frame and there you have it, the Ball-Framed Chair. Quite simple design and the colours are pretty much undefined. The curve in the frame makes the side-view more interesting and the frame DOES have it’s use, it keeps the ball from rolling all over the place. […]

Do(n’t) Talk To Me Chair

Two chairs, connected, next to, and opposite of each other. Depending on if you DO or do NOT want tot talk to the person sitting next to you, you simply push forward or backward and end up either face to face or back to back. Of course both chairs have wheels, so both have full […]

Yellow Pole Jack Chair

A massive bright yellow electric pole jack attached to a chair with wheels. That’s basically the idea. You simply adjust the height of the back to your activity (reading, dining, watching TV, relaxing, sleeping) or your mood (active and alert, sleepy and dozing off). The top of the back lowers, altering it’s angle from really […]

Wavy Ribbon Chair

You know all the ribbon campaigns? Blue ribbon (free speech), pink ribbon (breast cancer), pink ribbon (environmental justice), etc, etc, etc. You want to support them in a different way? This might be the chair for you. The chair consists of 2 ribbons and a wavy seat between them. The idea is that you either […]


Inspired by the Book Seat combined with my own idea’s to easily read magazines I created some designs where you can store some magazines in a chair to pick up and read whenever you like. The chair is created of transparent material (acrylic glass) so you can actually see the magazines from all sides and […]

Modular Circular Chair

A circular and very modular chair.  The chair is made from building blocks which you stack on top of each other so you get just the configuration you like. With the same ease but different blocks you get a stool and a side table. In this drawing I used very bright coloured parts, there is […]

The Chable

A chair, easily converted into a table, easily converted into a chair, easily converted into… Yep, you get my drift again. This time it’s even easier, there’s a hinge in the back so you simply fold the chair into a small side table and fold it back into a chair within a second. Easy, ain’t […]

The Chool

A chair, easily converted into a stool, easily converted into a chair, easily converted into… Well, you get the drift. It’s a very basic design, you simply slide the back of the chair over one side of the stool and you’re done. No tools, no manuals, no fuzz. 🙂 Sketch created 10th September 2010.

7h Chair

A chair shaped like a 7 and a h. For those lazy afternoons, starting at 7 o’clock  (7h) and ending much much later… Comfortable black leather seating,  sturdy wooden arm rests and you’re ready to sit back and relax. Sketch created 9th September 2010.

LCD Mood-Chair

This idea came to mind when I was walking through the vineyards of southern France and somehow I wanted to capture the vibe into something used on a daily basis, not limited to viewing those pictures online. This is the result, a chair with LCD panels in it’s seat, front- and back used to display […]

Tie Chair

A chair in the shape of a tie. The materials involved should resemble a real tie, so silk for the tie itself and some metal rods for supporting and shaping the whole lot. Then a wooden or steel pole for the back-end. That’s it. Basically 🙂 Sketch created 7th September 2010.

UTP Chair

A chair made from giant RJ45 connectors connected with an ethernet cable like assembly. The arm rests are built a similar way, just with a tad smaller RJ45 connectors and less massive flat ethernet like cable. The arm-rests are can actually pivot and house a small, removable web-tablet. You can take away the web-tablet and […]

Curved Chair

Simply a curved chair. Nothing more. 🙂 Sketch created 24th November 1994.


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