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Dining Table with Drawers

Regular dining tables are fixed size or extendable but normally only on one or two sides. The idea behind this table is that it’s extendable per seat, so with individual drawers. In non-extended position it can be quite a small table, measuring for example 60cm. With all drawers extended, it can be as much as […]

Altering height couch, bed, floor

Bit of a mash-up between a regular floor, a couch, a bed and all you can imagine. The idea behind this is a floor split up in tiles, height altering depending on the function of the floor at that moment. With the flick of a button you could change the floor to a couch, a […]

Modular Circular Chair

A circular and very modular chair.  The chair is made from building blocks which you stack on top of each other so you get just the configuration you like. With the same ease but different blocks you get a stool and a side table. In this drawing I used very bright coloured parts, there is […]

The Chable

A chair, easily converted into a table, easily converted into a chair, easily converted into… Yep, you get my drift again. This time it’s even easier, there’s a hinge in the back so you simply fold the chair into a small side table and fold it back into a chair within a second. Easy, ain’t […]

Not-So-Queued CD Table

Inspired by my Queued CD Wall I decided to take the idea a little further and make a salon table with the same idea, but slightly different. The basic idea is the same, but then horizontally modeled into a salon table. What’s added is an idea that could be embedded into the Queued CD Wall […]

Kaleidoscope Table

A party table with a built-in video camera (or camera’s), some image processing computer and a projector. The table will capture images from it’s environment, morph them, add some colourful shapes to them and then project it onto the table’s surface and leg. The drawn examples should explain this idea pretty much. The idea is […]

Upside Down, Downside Up Turn Table

A table designed to hang from the ceiling, but be easy to turn into a free standing party table by simply lifting it up, turning it upside down and put it firmly on the ground. The “Upside Down, Downside Up Turn Table”. The design has built-in lights in either the base or the top, depending […]


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